Showdown at the OK Corral: Oklahoma’s Rally for Education

I’ve already done my super serious post about the rally: Get Ready to Fight. I thought that the night before the rally, I would do something a different.

My favorite movie of all time is, Tombstone. I used to watch this movie with one of my big brothers, Jake, all of the time. In fact, it was the last thing that we ever did together. I love how intense each character is, and the transformation of Wyatt Earp. I absolutely love the non-transformation of Doc Holliday. This movie has some of the best one-liners ever! Jake was definitely a Doc Holliday kind of person, but he would tell me that I was Virgil Earp.

In the movie, the three Earp brothers move to Tombstone, in hopes of starting a new and profitable life. They leave their careers as lawmen behind in Kansas. After living in Tombstone, they realize that there is a group of rebels referred to as, “The Red Sash Cowboys”. The Red Sashes profit off of the misfortunes of the citizens. They lie, cheat, and steal. Against Wyatt’s wishes, Virgil decides to don the lawman’s badge once again, in hopes of saving this town. Jake told me that I reminded him of Virgil, because I was always the first person to have a guilty conscience and stand up against the injustice. This is what Virgil says to Wyatt:

I walk around this town and

look these people in the eyes.

It's just like someone's

slappin' me in the face.

These people are afraid
to walk down the street
and I'm tryin' to make money off
that like some (edit) vulture!

Tomorrow, we will have a showdown with some of these Red Sash Cowboys. Now, in no way am I saying that our Legislators do not support public education. In fact, there are a couple of our Norman Reps. that I think support us in a great way. However, there are some Red Sashes that want to work in tandem with ALEC to destroy our public school system: preying on the public’s ignorance. They are doing this by continuing to use the false narrative that: public schools are failing, that schools are adequately funded, and that teachers are complaining. One of these Red Sash Cowboys is, State Representative Jason Murphey. This “Representative” continues to try and make a name for himself, using a divisive, destructive, and irresponsible rhetoric.  His latest opinion commentary in the DOK is laughable. You can access this article: HERE. It is a short and shallow read. Here is an excerpt:

Last year, legislators increased common education appropriations by $90 million. Just this one increase significantly exceeds the revenue provided each year to common education by the state lottery. Despite the size, this increase is a mere fraction of last fiscal year’s $6.37 billion of common education financial transactions put through the Oklahoma Cost Accounting System (OCAS). This is up from the $6.04 billion put through OCAS in the 2008-09 fiscal year.

I’ll give you a second to stop laughing at this ludicrous statement. Let’s not mention the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been taken away from public schools. I’m confident that any Team #oklaed blogger could win an education related debate with Mr. Murphey.

I can’t wait to stand with thousands of  parentsteachersadministrators, (some) legislators, and community members. We are working together to ensure that Oklahoma’s students, parents, teachers, and schools are provided with resources that reflect the importance of a quality education.

Thank you to all of the teachers that are “staying behind” at schools that are not canceling classes. All of you are just as important in this fight.

Thank you to the Legislators that are standing with us. We know that we cannot do this without you.

Thank you to the parents that are standing with us, and the parents that aren’t able to attend.  Thank you for trusting us with your children.

I believe that this will prove to be an important day in #oklaed history.

Since I went with a movie theme on this post, I thought I’d leave you with a movie clip from Braveheart.  Upon learning about the rally, I have envisioned Rob Miller opening the rally like this:


Remember, it’s not just about the fight tomorrow. We aren’t going to be paid to go away. It’s about continuing this new found culture of  stakeholder ownership  in the advocation process. We will not stop fighting for our students.

Take care.

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