Mo’ Money, Less Problems: HB 3398 ESA/Voucher Bill and HB 2630 Pensions

Last week I blogged for your support, and shared about my first experience contacting legislators. Well, I’m begging for your help again!  Tomorrow, HB 3398 ESA/Voucher Bill is on the agenda again!  We need everyone to share this on social media, and to CONTACT THE LEGISLATORS BY 4:30 TOMORROW . The reasons why I am against this bill are: 1) I don’t believe that tax money should fund private schools. 2) I believe that the majority of people that will use these ESA/Vouchers are families that already have kids in private schools. 3) I don’t believe that this process will benefit students from low socio-economic areas, like the author claims. 4) Our private schools are held to less accountability than public schools. If accountability is important for public schools, it should be important for all entities that use tax dollars. 5) I believe that to create better public schools our legislators must invest, rather than decrease funding by more than any other state.

PLEASE CONTACT THE LEGISLATORS BELOW! You can call or email. If you don’t want to talk to the secretary: call at night or in the morning and leave a voicemail!

This is literally all you have to do… call the numbers and/or email.

The secretary or voicemail will answer and you will tell them:

1) My name is_________. 2) I am from ___________. 3) I want the representative to vote “NO!” on HB 3398. 4) My phone number is _________ (if they even ask for a phone number). It’s literally that easy friends. Remember, these people are working for us!

Last week, when HB 3398 was originally on the agenda, I tried to engage Representative Jason Nelson…he is the co-author of this bill. I never received his response. To his defense, he did respond to my questions about the special education funding weights. Right now, I think that we could all agree that every student’s funding weight needs to increase.

Contact Information:
Martin, Scott 405-557-7329 or
Armes, Don 405-557-7307 or
Billy, Lisa J 405-557-7365 or
Brown, Mike 405-557-7408 or
Christian, Mike 405-557-7371 or
Coody, Ann 405-557-7398 or
Cox, Doug 405-557-7415 or
Denney, Lee 405-557-7304 or
Dorman, Joe 405-557-7305 or
Hickman, Jeff 405-557-7339
Hoskin, Chuck 405-557-7319 or
Kern, Sally 405-557-7348 or
McCullough, Mark 405-557-7414 or
McDaniel, Jeannie 405-557-7334 or
McNeil, Skye 405-557-7353 or
McPeak, Jerry 405-557-7302 or
Morrissette, Richard 405-557-7404 or
Nelson, Jason 405-557-7335 or
Newell, Tom 405-557-7372 or
Osborn, Leslie 405-557-7333 or
Proctor, Eric 405-557-7410 or
Ritze, Mike 405-557- 7338 or
Roberts, Sean 405-557-7322 or
Sanders, Mike 405-557-7407 or
Schwartz, Colby 405-557-7352 or
Sears, Earl 405-557-7330 or
Watson, Weldon 405-557-7330 or
Wesselhoft, Paul 405-557-7343 or

Also, please help all public employees by contacting your local legislators about saving public employee pensions! You can use this link to find your legislators, and use the script below to help us!

1) My name is_________. 2) I am from ___________. 3) I want the representative to vote “NO!” on HB 2630. 4) My phone number is _________ (if they even ask for a phone number). It’s literally that easy friends. Remember, these people are working for us! 5)”I am a voter, and I want you to leave public pensions alone.”

Without each of your support, our fight would have ended last week! Let’s make it clear that: we want funding increased for our public schools, we want taxes to be invested in public schools, and we want public employees to retire and not have to worry how good or bad the stock market has faired. Lastly, we need to remember that it is impossible for public schools to improve while funding is cut and enrollment climbs.

Thank you for all that you do to help our students and teachers.

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